Green Tara Skydancer Pendant in Gold Plated Brass | Tare | Kaia Ra Jewelry | Bejeweled in Sovereignty | The Sophia Code
Green Tara Skydancer Pendant in Gold Plated Brass | Tare | Kaia Ra Jewelry | Bejeweled in Sovereignty | The Sophia Code
Green Tara Skydancer Pendant in Gold Plated Brass | Tare | Kaia Ra Jewelry | Bejeweled in Sovereignty | The Sophia Code

Green Tara Skydancer Medallion

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    • Uplifts your vibrational resonance to finally surrender into and embody the startling, naked, vulnerable truth of your own invincible divinity
    • Clears karmic attachments to needlessly suffer for the light and purity of your divinity, including: patterns of addictive behavior, active self-sabotage, passive self-abandonment, and unconscious self-hatred
    • Emanates a perfect trinity of Divine Feminine Christ teaching transmissions for mentoring with Green Tara, Vajrayogini, and the Order of Dakinis
    • Activates the crystalline qualities of Keycode 3 in your divine genome which positively shifts your relationship with prosperity, success, and wholeness
    • Strengthens your solar plexus chakra center to embody unshakeable will power, courage, and self-confidence, for making a lasting contribution in this lifetime
    • Calibrates you to stay on an accelerated pathway of self-mastery as you integrate and embody ever-increasing downloads of your Higher Self
    • Surrounds your whole be-ing with the protection, light, and blessings of Green Tara and the Order of Dakinis
    • Exceptional Precious Metal Craftsmanship : 3.5 Micron 24K Gold Plating on Solid Brass or 24K Gold Vermeil on 925 Sterling Silver
    • Gold Vermeil: Self-Mastery | Prosperity | Success | Angelic Ray

    Size: 1.06"  |  27 mm

    Please note: Chain not included.

Important Note for International Orders:
    Price of jewelry does not include shipping costs nor your country's duties and taxes. Shipping fees are calculated and paid at checkout. Duties and taxes for your country are assessed and collected for payment at your local Customs Office. We have no control over your country’s standardized duty rates. The variance of tax rates can be between 5 - 40% tax on the cost of jewelry. If this is a concern, please inquire with your Customs Office to learn more before purchasing this jewelry. Thank you!

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Green Tara | The Sophia Code | Kaia Ra Jewelry | Embody Your Sovereignty CollectionTrue to the Vajrayana lineage of Tibetan Buddhism, the Green Tara Skydancer Medallion is an exquisite hand carved medallion that serves as a spiritual vehicle for your awareness to receive direct downloads of the Keycode 3 transmission — beyond thought or understanding. Featured on the front with amazing detail is the ‘Vishvavajra’, also known as the ‘Double Dorje’ or the ‘Vajra Cross’. This most sacred and powerful symbol represents many essential qualities that are required to embody your Higher Self and fully step into Divine Feminine Christ leadership.


First and foremost, the Vishvavajra represents the unshakeable foundation of form, which is the perfect intelligence of life continually arising from Sophia’s womb of no-thing. As you take in the rays of light emanating out from the Double Dorje, your mind softens to directly connect with Green Tara as she mentors you in how to trust the perfection of life as your greatest teacher of awakening through the holiness of form.


Known as a symbol for both the thunderous lightning and diamond vehicle of Holy Mother Creatrix consciousness, the Vajra Cross is the symbol for liberating yourself from all attachments to suffering. Further, it is a powerful sacred symbol that invokes an immovable determination within you to complete important projects and to fulfill soul commitments that are vital for your divine purpose.


Wearing the Green Tara Skydancer Medallion activates the essential divine qualities of your solar plexus chakra that include willpower, inner strength, and courage for making a lasting contribution in this lifetime. As you hold the pendant with your index finger and thumb pressing into the center of the Vishvavajra, the medallion is encoded to bypass anxious, fearful thinking — guiding your mind back into the musculature of your own center. A true compass for overcoming self-defeating thoughts, the Vajra Cross is a guiding star for navigating your awareness back to the shores of your sovereignty, again and again.


Emanating from the back of the Green Tara Skydancer Medallion radiates the Tibetan seed syllable VAM. The frequency of VAM embodies the living transmission of the Order of Dakinis, and most especially the radical and fierce liberating consciousness of Vajrayogini, the highest Guru Queen embodiment of this angelic order. The Dakinis are Divine Feminine Buddhic Angels that appear when your spiritual journey matures and it’s time to go deeper within yourself through important practices of self-examination.


Naked yet armed, compassionate yet confrontational — the lightning wisdom of the Dakinis radically initiates your consciousness beyond trauma, wounding, and ego-driven self-importance. Their firm approach is a direct transmission that is not for the faint of heart – for they do not care about your attachments to suffering or your hardened ideas about the nature of form. They are often depicted in thangkas surrounded by flames, drinking from skulls, wearing garlands of decapitated demons, and shooting arrows into your heart to represent the lengths they will go to liberate you from your own suffering.


The Order of Dakinis guide and protect your soul throughout the full initiatory journey that you must go on to finally surrender into the startling, naked, vulnerable truth of your own invincible divinity. Sanskrit seed syllables encapsulate a divine power that can not be corrupted – just like the pure light of the Dakinis and your own divinity. VAM is a seed syllable vehicle for your heart to directly connect with Green Tara, Vajrayogini, and the entire Order of Dakinis protecting you in your heroic human journey of daily ascension.


Sanskrit syllables are also interchangeable with specific Tibetan Buddhas. In traditional Tibetan meditation practice, Green Tara arises from the seed syllable of TAM and Vajrayogini’s embodiment is interchangeable with the seed syllable VAM. This teaching points our awareness to the soul signature that each of us carry as individual Keycodes of the one Holy Mother.


Lovingly hand-carved into an empty sky, The Green Tara Skydancer Medallion depicts the seed syllable VAM dancing as the embodiment of Vajrayogini in a Tibetan cloudscape. Dakinis are also known as the Skydancers who fly across the sky of your consciousness, elevating your awareness to pierce beyond the illusions of duality and to dissolve your attachments to form as the only reality. This medallion is encoded to transmit the elegant equation arising from the Dakini’s skydance for how to consciously embody the blissful liberation that: “Form is Emptiness and Emptiness is Form.”


The Vajrayana vehicle of mentoring with Green Tara, Vajrayogini, and the Order of Dakinis keeps your feet upon an accelerated path of spiritual awakening and self-mastery that may even result in embodying your full enlightenment within a single lifetime. The seed syllable of TARE carved above the cloudline unites this trinity of Divine Feminine Christ consciousness that is revealed through the radical and precious Secret Dakini lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. The Green Tara Skydancer Medallion was designed as ascension technology that supports your sobriety from needlessly suffering for your divinity while teaching you how to simultaneously skydance into unlimited new paradigms of success.


“As Green Tara, my Vajrayana Dakini Guru embodiment serves as the highest office of the primordial mother’s Secret Dakini lineage: to reveal the totality of Sophia’s ineffable mysteries as the unlimited space of no-thing within the container of form.  I mentor your awareness through direct revelations of Sophia that are whole and complete visions. My presence instantaneously dissolves your obstacles of inner resistances and activates your will power to embody the truth of your divinity.”


—Green Tara, The Sophia Code, Pg. 129


Gold Feather | Kaia Ra | The Sophia Code



Gold Feather | Kaia Ra | The Sophia Code

Physical Care for Embody Your Sovereignty® Collection

With wear and exposure to oxygen, precious metals will take on a natural patina, which enhances the design and adds value to your jewels. Please follow these helpful guidelines to care for your dragon treasures with love:

    • Gently buff ONLY the raised surfaces of your jewels with a treated polishing cloth.

    • Avoid buffing the recessed areas of darkened patina in the lettering of quotes engraved in the jewelry.

    • Rinse with gentle liquid soap and water. Gently towel off.

    • Please DO NOT use chemical polishing dips as this will damage the design and precious metals of your jewels.

    • Remove your jewels and store them in a good way whenever you are: exercising, swimming, cleaning, cooking, or applying scented body care products.

    • Strong cleaning products, body care, and perfume scents can accelerate unnatural tarnishing.

    • Please be VERY careful when adjusting the size of a Keycode Wristlette. Excessively or repeatedly bending metal can weaken its structure and can lead to cracking or even breaking of your jewelry. Minor adjustments to fit your wrist will be fine but if the Keycode Wristlette is bent too often or too drastically, this can permanently damage your jewelry. If you feel you need a different size, please reach out to our customer service within 7 days of receiving your order by emailing We are happy to help you find your right size. Also please refer to the downloadable size guide that can also help you find the right fit.

Gold Feather

Ceremonial Care for Embody Your Sovereignty® Collection

Just as every crystal has a living deva within it, every jewel of the Embody Your Sovereignty Collection has an angelic universe within it. This collection is multidimensional, Golden Age technology birthed as a gift from The Sophia Dragon Tribe® to empower your Higher Self embodiment. Each jewel opens a stargate for you to viscerally feel your communion with Sophia’s angelic orders supporting your ascension journey. Designed to continually attune your body, heart, and mind to be in communion with your Higher Self and Sophia – it is important to make conscious choices about how you care for your jewels, how they are stored, and who you allow to touch them. The more you listen to, witness, and enjoy how your Higher Self is guiding you to interface with your jewels, the more you will become aware of how precious you are through the eyes of Sophia.

Invitations for Spiritual Care of Your Jewels:

    • Display your jewels as sacred medicine tools on your altar

    • If storing in a jewelry box, place on top of a crystal

    • Charge on top of The Sophia Code or on quartz cluster/geode

    • Use traveling altar cloth for your jewels on the road

    • Always set an intention about why you’re wearing your jewels

    • Express appreciation to the angels connected to your jewels

    • Be conscious about who touches your jewels – these are powerful amulets – it’s okay to say no to someone unexpectedly reaching for your jewels without your permission.


Gold Feather | Kaia Ra | The Sophia Code



If you have questions, please check our FAQ below. If you don't find the answer you were looking for please send us your question via the form below or email us at


Q. How quickly will my order ship out?

We ship out orders as soon as possible. If your item is in ready stock we will ship out within 2 business days, but if we are still making it, it will ship in 2-3 weeks from the date of your purchase. If you need your order expedited, or would like precise shipping or ready-stock information please email us and we will do our best to accommodate your request if possible. If for some reason there will be a delay we will do our best to notify you within 24 hours.  

Q. Do you accept returns?

Yes. Please email us the reason for your return and we will give you return instructions.

Q. Do you offer size exchanges?

Yes. Please email us what size you have and what size you will need. We will send your exchange as soon as we receive your exchange.  Please ensure your exchange is still in its original packaging and condition, free from scratches or any other signs of wear. If your return has visible signs of wear, we will be unable to offer you an exchange.



Gold Feather | Kaia Ra | The Sophia Code

Jewelry Care FAQs

Q. What is the jewelry made of?

All of The Sophia Code jewelry is made out of either solid 925 Sterling Silver solid Brass. We put a clear coating on all the Brass pieces to delay tarnishing.

Q. Will my jewelry turn black or green?

Both sterling silver and brass will take on a natural patina with exposure to moisture and oxygen. This is a normal and natural process, and cannot be avoided entirely. The patina or tarnish can always be cleaned.    
This has nothing to do with the quality of our metals, which are certified 925 Sterling Silver and Solid Brass. All silver and brass will eventually oxidize with exposure to oxygen, strong scents, chemicals, sweat, and water. This process is highly dependent upon what you expose your jewel to either on your body, or in your environment.

Sterling Silver naturally oxidizes with a black surface-level residue.

Brass will tarnish black, and occasionally express a green patina from the small copper content.  We do put a clear coating on all the Brass pieces to delay tarnishing but like a plating, this clear coat will wear off, especially on the inside of bracelets which are constantly rubbing against your skin.

We will send you a best-practices care card with details on how to best care for your jewelry. Please also check our Q & A below for more detailed information about best practices and jewelry care.

Q. Will my jewelry turn my skin black or green?

It might. This reaction happens due to the copper content in brass, and the alloy content in 925 sterling silver. 925 actually means 92.5 % pure silver, 7.5 % alloy. We mix silver because pure silver is too soft to wear well. 925 is a standard industry mix. If your jewelry turns your wrist black or green, this is not dangerous.  If it bothers you, you can prevent this by applying a thin layer of clear nail polish to the inside of your piece. All our brass jewelry has a clear coating pre-applied which will wear off over time on surfaces that rub against other surfaces. See questions below for more information about this.

Every individual’s PH and sweat content varies, and this has an effect on the reaction your metals will have when you wear them.  Some people can wear silver without it ever turning black, and some people will find their jewels turn black very quickly, leaving a black residue on their skin. This is unpredictable and can even vary depending on what you eat, or if your body is detoxing.  If you are doing a cleanse or detox, we recommend taking extra care to clean your jewels daily.

Strong scents on the body or in the environment, like air fresheners, chemical cleaners, or salon chemicals will have an effect on the rate of oxidation, so please be mindful of this.

Q. What is patina and is it the same as tarnish and oxidation?

Patina, or oxidation is the same thing as tarnish.

Q. What causes patina?

Metals exposed to oxygen, sweat, chemicals, strong scents, moisture, and especially sulfur will all cause oxidation. These can be either on-body or in the air or environment, and will affect the rate and extent of this process.

If you wear two pieces of jewelry and they touch one another, this will cause scratches on your jewel.  This can cause small cracks in the clear coating on brass jewelry which will allow moisture inside, and can accelerate tarnishing and make it more difficult to clean.  This can also happen if you exercise or dance with your jewelry on, or bump or bang your jewel on a hard surface.

Excessive bending of jewelry, especially the wristlettes, can damage the metal and even cause it to crack or break.  Please use care when opening your wristlette and only put it on from the narrow side of your wrist and twist it instead of bending it open fully to put on via the widest part of your wrist.  If you need assistance with this please reach out to customer service and someone will assist you.

Best practices to prolong the shine and beauty of your jewelry are to remove your jewelry before:

Swimming, showering, exercising, cleaning, cooking, sleeping, or applying scented care products to your body.  Also remove your jewelry before going anywhere with strong scents, such as to the gym or salon.

Ideally, after every time you wear your jewel you should wash it gently with soap and water and dry it thoroughly. When you are not wearing your jewelry, store it in a clean, dry, air-tight container. A tupperware or re-sealable plastic bag will work best, as simple exposure to oxygen will patina metals.  We send your jewel out in a biodegradable plastic bag and wrapped in tarnish-resistant tissue paper. You can easily store your jewels in this.

Q. How can I clean my jewelry if it tarnishes?

If a layer of patina does build up on your jewelry, we recommend you use a treated polishing cloth to lightly buff the surface. We love Sunshine Polishing cloths available for purchase HERE. After buffing, rinse with clean water and dry thoroughly. Avoid harsh chemical dips as these can damage metals and gemstones.

Alternatively you can also use a baking-soda based toothpaste with a gentle-bristle toothbrush to clean in the groves of your jewel and remove surface-level oxidation. Afterwards clean with a gentle soap and rinse with water and dry thoroughly. We strongly discourage using harsh chemical dips on your jewel as this can damage the metal.

Remember that the oxidation that occurs naturally in the recessed surfaces of your jewel is a natural process and can often add to the depth of the texture and design and increases the beauty of your jewel.

If you want to restore your jewel to its original luster, just as you would take a delicate garment to the dry-cleaners, you can take your jewelry to a professional jewelry stores that has an in-house jewelers. A bench jeweler should be able to quickly and easily buff and polish your jewel and clean it for you for a very reasonable cost. If your jewel is brass read the suggestions below for what to tell your jeweler before cleaning.

Q. What is the clear coating on the brass and will it last forever?

We apply a clear hypo-allergenic ceramic coating to all Brass jewelry, which delays tarnishing. This is applied with electric currents like plating, only clear. Because of this it will eventually wear through, especially on surfaces which are constantly rubbing against skin such as the insides of bracelets and the backs of pendants. If your jewelry bangs into hard surfaces or rubs against other pieces of metal or jewelry, this can damage, scratch, or crack the coating, which will allow moisture in and can cause tarnishing. If this happens, we recommend bringing you jewel to a trusted local jeweler with a bench-jeweler and having them polish your piece professionally. Remember to tell them it has a clear ceramic coating on it as they will need to remove this with heat to clean it. They can polish it to a high polish. Afterwards, your jewel will not be as protected so take more care to clean it after wearing with our suggestions above, and storing it in an air-tight container when you are not wearing it.  All tarnish is only surface-level and can always be cleaned off.


Gold Feather | Kaia Ra | The Sophia Code


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Gold Feather | Kaia Ra | The Sophia Code


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Gold Feather | Kaia Ra | The Sophia Code


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Gold Feather | Kaia Ra | The Sophia Code


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Gold Feather | Kaia Ra | The Sophia Code


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